Now, filing your U.S. Tax is a mere formality

As a U.S. citizen, you know you have to file your tax returns every year.
Between the FBAR, the 8938, and the 3520 forms, it can all be confusing especially when you don’t have a specialized accountant to guide you.

Failure to file properly can affect your ability to collect your pension, making the entire process even more stressful.

Daniel Piché CPA, CGA, CPA(NH)

Daniel Piche CPA, CGA, CPA (NH)

Daniel is the managing partner at Talbot & Associates and our U.S. Tax Services Manager. After receiving his U.S. Accounting designation in 2013, Dan and his team have helped over 700 people file their U.S. Taxes.

Dan gets it! Having worked with many different industries in Canada and the U.S. over the years, he has a broad range of experience in tax, accounting, and business development.

Dan’s regular thrills include helping business owners solve tough issues, saving them thousands in tax dollars, avoiding tax pitfalls, and coming up with winning succession plans.

Johnny Moquin

If you need any advice on accounting practices, Talbot & Associates are true professionals and are very good at what they do. I’ve dealt with Dan Piché on several occasions for my online business and I’ve been very satisfied with the advice and help he has provided me to maintain profitability and continued success with my online ventures. Highly recommend this accounting firm for all your tax needs, personal or corporate.

Austin Cho-Wong

I approached Talbot & Associates for filing Canada/USA Tax Returns – their quality of work was superb. Would highly recommend them for income tax returns in Canada, USA, or for both at once.

Brandi V

Maarsii Daniel for the incredible experience with my IRS tax return; you helped majorly alleviate my stresses.

Dave Panting

I have been with Talbot for 3 years now. They have handled my tax returns for both U.S. and Canada very promptly and been very responsive to any questions I have had. Highly recommend Talbot to anyone.

Stephen Kissin

My wife and I have used Talbot Associates to prepare our US tax return for several years and have been completely satisfied with their service. Their service has been prompt and at a reasonable cost considering the complexity of our return. I have recommended them to other dual nationals, as well.

Anthony M

Daniel Piche at Talbot is a saviour.
I foolishly thought I could do a US tax return and ITIN application myself, and after a few stressed out nights emailed Daniel at Talbot.

Daniel scheduled a free consultation call with me to ensure that my expectations would be met, made it seamless for me to submit my documents, and finally finished my paperwork in less than a week’s turnaround time.
Highly recommend, would use again 10/10 times.

Step 1 with Talbot and Associates

You meet with us to diagnose the problems
30 minutes Free Consultation For New Clients

Step 2 with Talbot and Associates

We explore and tailor solutions to your needs

Step 3 with Talbot and Associates

You choose the solution you prefer and we execute the chosen plan

Enjoy Stress-Free U.S Tax!

  • Fees will be quoted and agreed upon before doing the work.
  • Timeline will be provided.
  • Remove complexity and explain problem & solution in a way you’ll understand.

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We offer:

  • Filing U.S. and Canadian returns for U.S. Citizens regardless of country of residence
  • Filing U.S. tax returns for Canadians working or studying in the U.S.
  • Filing returns for Canadians with U.S. rental properties
  • Filing FBAR (Form TD F 99-22.1) for U.S. Citizens with foreign accounts
  • Helping Canadians trying to recover their 30% withholding tax on U.S. gambling winnings
  • Helping Canadians who have spent more than 183 days in the U.S. deal with their U.S. taxes
  • Preparing ITIN (U.S. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) applications

U.S. Tax - Team Members

Daniel Piché CPA, CGA, CPA (NH)
Managing Partner / U.S. Tax Services Manager / Year End Manager
If the most complex tax problem in the world was a Rubik’s cube, Daniel is who you’d call to figure it out. A driving force behind much of the firm’s success, he’s been an integral part of Team Talbot for over 10 years. Dan received his Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Manitoba in 2010 and Canadian and U.S. Accounting designations thereafter. He brings a broad range of experience in tax, accounting and business development, having worked with many different industries in Canada and the U.S. over the years. Regular thrills for Daniel include helping business owners solve tough issues, save thousands of dollars in taxes or come up with a winning succession plan. Daniel strongly believes in healthy work/life balance. When he’s not busy establishing himself as a master of the tax universe, you can find him laughing in the face of defeat on softball, hockey, football, volleyball and soccer teams or enjoying life with his beautiful wife, friends and family in La Broquerie, MB. Generous with genius and witty retorts, coworkers and clients appreciate Daniel for his result-orientated attitude and genuine care in helping others succeed.
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Patrick Pantel
If James Dean, G.I. Joe and Tony Robbins were in a band, they’d be called Patrick Pantel. He says he’s from a different time – we say he needs his own show. Patrick began his career in the mechanical field for nine years, before changing gears (pun intended) and switching paths. After completing his CGA studies, he found his calling in the number crunching world. Guaranteed to come at it differently than anyone else in the room, Patrick’s unique perspective, matched with his great ability to problem solve makes him a solid asset to the firm where he contributes to the year-end and personal tax filing preparation teams. When he’s not getting down to business, you’ll find Patrick peeling away on his Suzuki 250 off to the barracks, being part of the Canadian Armed Forces. Patrick enjoys hanging out with co-workers, helping clients, snowboarding and hot rods. We expect someday to read about Patrick conquering some amazing feat as we collectively scream that we once knew him.
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Tiffany Banman
Steinbach Manager
She’s taken with life and you – that’s exactly how you feel when you hang out with this special lady. When she’s not serving clients with her A-caliber smarts and stealthy problem-solving skills, you’ll find this songbird knocking audiences out with her beautiful voice, hosting BBQ/bonfires and satisfying her insatiable curiosity for well, everything. Tiffany came to T&A in 2016 with much field-related experience under her belt. Based in the Steinbach office, she is a support to several departments at the firm including the Ag team, year-ends and more. Learning client’s stories and being a part of their life through a financial perspective is what Tiffany feels most passionate about in her work. She deeply appreciates those who make the most out of life.
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