Be it personal or for your company, we meet you where you’re at.

Our tax and consultation services compliment each other, allowing us to offer clients well-rounded support and advice.

They include:


Talbot and Associates’ policy is to establish a fee structure and understanding within a client’s engagement letter at the outset of an engagement.  Talbot and Associates’ fees are based on the service required.  Unlike many accounting firms, Talbot & Associates’ fees are not entirely based on hours worked. Fees are based on services provided and extent of knowledge and expertise required for such services. We have established a base price for most services which will then be customized to better meet client’s needs.

Talbot & Associates Personal Tax Fees

Priority Same Day Service (+$50 per individual return **)

Short on time? Going on holidays? Need your tax return done and filed as soon as possible?

Talbot & Associates is excited to offer the same quality process you’ve experienced in your tax return preparation, only condensed to fit your schedule.

Only qualifying tax returns may apply:

  • Must meet with a designated individual to ensure the pickup process is followed and all necessary checklists are filled out prior to starting on the return
  • You must be available for contact by our office after drop off, if any questions arise during the preparation process (any delays in contacting you may result in additional time requirement)
  • All information pertinent to the tax return must be available and provided to us prior to starting the return, by the deadlines below
  • Individuals with business, farm or rental activity must provide information in a specified format (check our Free Ressources Page):
    • Statement of Business Activities
    • Statement of Farming Activities
    • Statement of Real Estate Rentals

The following returns do not qualify for same day service:

  • U.S. tax returns
  • Estate or final returns
  • Returns requiring bookkeeping

The schedule for same day returns is as follows:

Drop off before noon: return will be ready by 7:00pm

Drop off between noon and 5:00pm: return will be ready by noon the following day

Drop off between 5:00pm – 8:00pm: return will be ready by 5:00pm the following day

Should you have a non-registered investment portfolio, we may need additional information from your investment advisor to complete your return correctly. If they are not available during this time, we may not be able to complete your return within the priority period.

If your return cannot be properly completed in the specified time period, Talbot & Associates reserves the right to revoke same day status at our discretion. You will be informed immediately and no additional charge will apply. We will wait for all relevant information to be provided and file the returns within our regular 2-week turnaround time.

** Note: $50 priority fee is in addition to regular fees based on our billing schedule for personal tax returns. Fee is per individual return.

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