Tax Consulting

The right advice at the right time

We all agree with the statement “you don’t know what you don’t know”,
but the lack of preparation and planning can be costly, especially in business.

tax consulting

“If only I had known…”

Too often, clients come to us asking for help, but it is already too late.
If a transaction is already complete, your options are limited.
Asking questions before acting can make a world of difference.

As Benjamin Franklin said:
“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail!”

But if having the foresight to ask the questions ‘before’ is important,
asking the right person is just as critical.

We aim to help you navigate through today’s complex tax environment, which is why 2 of our partners have taken the 3-year CPA In-depth Tax Program – the most comprehensive, practical, and relevant income tax training program in Canada. With their experience combined, they have over 20 years of tax experience.

Meet your Tax Advisor.

Kevin Code H. B. Com., CPA, CGA

Kevin Code H. B. Com., CPA, CGA

Thoughtful as a Hallmark Card with the work ethic of a Saint, he’s the guy who dresses so well you wonder where he’s off to later.

Kevin has been an influential part of T&A since 2013.  He brings with him over a decade of career and educational experience including an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from Laurentian University and a CPA, CGA designation. Beyond number crunching and helping teammates stay on track, Kevin enjoys snowboarding, hockey, and taking in off-the-beaten-path films. He considers it his greatest privilege to help others succeed, an act he carries out often at Talbot & Associates with clients and co-workers alike.

Julien Grenier B. Comm. (Hons.), CPA, CGA

Julien Grenier B. Comm. (Hons.), CPA, CGA

There have been some key moments that have contributed to T&A’s sought-after culture known for its moral character, wit, and the ability to carry out accounting excellence with compassion and results. One of those moments was when one Julien Grenier landed on the firm’s doorstep in 2008. He essentially was (and is) the poster child for the firm’s creed.

Passionate about getting the most out of life and helping others do the same, Julien is determined to see T&A become a nationwide firm. Whether it’s playing softball or volleyball or sailing Gore Bay in Ontario with his wife and dogs, Julien is the outdoorsman’s outdoorsman – always seeking the next opportunity to head out to the cabin to breathe in the fresh air, perspective and possibility.

Alicia L

Kevin Code at St. Norbert Branch is very knowledgeable and trustable. I met him in a presentation that he did at the World Trade Centre for Self-entrepreneurs.
This is my second year with him as my accountant. After my meetings with him, I feel so much lighter because of his amazing advice. I successfully incorporated my business and changed from being a Sole-proprietorship to have all the shares of my own Corporation.
I highly recommend Kevin without any hesitation.

Alicia L.

Rich H.

Great people who help us with corporate taxes so we can concentrate on our business.
Tax planning and investment advice have paid off for us. 15 years of great service and look forward to many more.
Rich H.

Having a Stress-Free Business Tax is as easy as:

step 1

You meet with us to diagnose the problems
30 minutes Free Consultation

step 2

We explore and tailor solutions to your needs

step 3

You choose the solution you prefer and we execute the chosen plan

Fees will be quoted & agreed upon before doing the work
Timeline will be provided
Remove complexity and explain problem and solution in a way you’ll understand

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