Put your trust in someone who has experience in this field

When you need your tractor repaired, you don’t bring it to the Auto Body Shop.
When your cow is sick, you don’t bring it to a Pet Vet.
So why not handle your farm taxes the same?


At Talbot & Associates, we have been helping farmers for over 30 years.

Our dedicated Agriculture team is committed to help you navigate the word of farm taxes and show you the programs from which you can benefit.


Our AG Team is made up of specially trained accountants who are continuously reading and researching updates about every tax or law change related to farm activity.

The majority of our offices are located in rural areas and we help over 500 farms with their tax returns every year. That gives us a very good idea of ​​what other farms do and what works and doesn’t, so that we can better advise you.

We received the Excellence in Agriculture Accounting Services 2020 award, as well as the award for Leading Providers of Agriculture Accounting Services – Western Canada 2022 from Acquisition International.  Again this year, we made the “Top 3 Accounting Firms in Winnipeg” list, created by Three Best Rated

Talbot & Associates Award

Cathy Wark

The staff at Talbot & Associates are friendly, efficient and always ready to give assistance. I have relied on their timely advice on transitioning our farm corporation through farm succession planning. Their experience and knowledge, along with their willingness to answer all my questions, has made the process much easier to understand.

Cathy Wark
Westwind Farms Ltd.
Minnedosa area producer

Bonnie Tetrault

I have now used Talbot for 2 years. From the front desk staff to Julien Grenier & his team all are very professional & courteous. My taxes were completed efficiently & in a timely manner. Julien is also able to work with my financial planner which is a bonus. Any questions I have are always answered promptly.

Luc and Jeanine Charriere

Our experience with Talbot & Associates is that we are treated as individuals with personal experiences while getting our professional needs met. A balance achieved, we are extremely grateful for. Thank you so much for this.

Luc and Jeanine Charriere
Fermes Beau Vallon Ltée.
Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes area producers

Greg and Tina Smith

Our experience with Talbot & Associates has been excellent. Any of the staff we have dealt with have been personable and professional. They are up to date and all the farm programs. There is always someone available to answer any questions we have throughout the year. We would not hesitate to recommend Talbot & Associates’ services to any other producers.

Greg and Tina Smith
Smiths Honey and Seed Farms Ltd.
Oakbank area producers

R&S Farms

Talbot & Associates has always provided us with professional and time-efficient service since we became clients. Together with their income tax service, their team has also been there to help us complete the various applications for government programs associated with farming. And when the time came for us to incorporate our farming operation, the Farm Succession Workshop provided the answers we needed from an accounting, legal, and financial point of view.
The Talbot & Associates team was always willing to answer our numerous questions regarding incorporating. More importantly, we are assured that they are providing us with the best accounting service and expertise they have to offer.

R&S Farms
Beausejour area producers

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Why so many Agriculture producers choose T&A:

  • Over 30 years experience in agriculture, consulting and tax
  • Service in French and English
  • Seven locations in Manitoba to serve you
  • No paying up front
  • Engaged and passionate about agriculture
  • Assistance with government and other farm programs (AgriInvest/AgriStability)
    Read our Agriculture Brochure about AgriInvest/AgriStability

We also assist with the tough decisions like:

  • Rendering the farm profitable
  • When to realize your inventory
  • When to commit to land or equipment purchases
  • Helping you balance your tax obligations and cash flow
  • How to take advantage of existing tax credits and farm programs
  • Determining if incorporation is right for your operation
  • Succession and estate planning

Step 1 with Talbot and Associates

You meet with us to diagnose your problems
30 minutes Free Consultation For New Clients

Step 2 with Talbot and Associates

We explore and tailor solutions to your needs

Step 3 with Talbot and Associates

You choose the solution you prefer and we execute the chosen plan

Enjoy Stress-Free Farm Taxes!

  • Fees will be quoted and agreed upon before doing the work.
  • Timeline will be provided.
  • Remove complexity and explain problem & solution in a way you’ll understand.

* By Subscribing to our newsletter you will be eligible to receive 30 minutes of Free Consultation (Only redeemable for new clients).

Talbot & Associates offers Ag related seminars and workshops such as:
  • Succession Planning: Transitioning the Farm to the Next Generation
  • How the Capital Gains Exemption Works
  • Tax Tips for Farmers: How To Plan for Efficient Level Taxes & Taking Advantage of Tax Credits
  • AgriStability and AgriInvest Programs
  • Buying vs Leasing Equipment (and Timing of Commitments)
  • GST Issues for Farmers
  • Succession Planning: Tax Implications Upon Retiring and Selling the Farm to Third Parties
  • The Future of Your Farm: Farm Succession Workshop
  • Incorporating Your Farm: What You Need To Know
  • Cash vs Accrual Accounting: The Importance of Knowing the Difference
  • Importance of Doing a Preliminary Tax Calculation Each Year
  • Land: Should it Be Purchased Personally or by the Corporation?

Ag - Team Members

Julien Grenier B. Comm. (Hons.), CPA, CGA
Partner / Agriculture Team Manager
There have been some key moments that have contributed to T&A’s sought-after culture known for its moral character, wit and the ability to carry out accounting excellence with compassion and results. One of those moments was when one Julien Grenier landed on the firm’s doorstep in 2008. He essentially was (and is) the poster child for the firm’s creed. Passionate about getting the most out of life and helping others do the same, Julien is determined to see T&A become a nationwide firm. Whether its playing softball or volleyball, or sailing Gore Bay in Ontario with his wife and dogs, Julien is the outdoorsman’s outdoorsman – always seeking the next opportunity to head out to the cabin to breathe in fresh air, perspective and possibility.
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Justin Chaput B. Comm. (Hons.), CPA, CGA
Partner / Agriculture Team Manager
Two things that you can bet money on when it comes to Justin Chaput is: (1) out of any person in any room, he’ll be wearing the most interesting socks and (2) the genius perspective he brings to his work. Justin started with T&A as a junior accountant in 2001 and became a partner in 2013. He’s known for creating game-changing opportunities for clients, making the Ag Team the best it can be and mentoring team mates (except the ones who give him a hard time for being an enthusiastic Toronto Maple Leafs fan – Justin doesn’t even make eye contact with those people). Justin is thankful every day to work in a job he loves – an important belief instilled in him by his parents. His dream is to be a great father to his son, Félix, and a supportive husband to his partner, Mel; cheering them both on through life – adopting their goals as his own.
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Brittany Sandberg B. Comm. (Hons.), CPA, CGA
Partner / Stonewall Manager
If brilliance, a killer smile, and serious multi-tasking skills were a country, they would be called Brittany Sandberg. When she’s not accepting an award for being Mom of the Year, she can be found serving clients beyond their wildest expectations out of our Stonewall office. Brittany graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree then continued study to obtain her CGA/CPA designation. She is a well-trusted accountant who enjoys providing sound professional advice pertaining to business and tax needs. Her passions include spending time with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors on daily walks, doing yoga, and knitting (which she knows is nerdy and doesn’t care that you think so). Brittany notes that if she had the chance to hang out with anyone in the world it would be Beyoncé for reasons she states, “should be obvious”.
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Katie Gunther
Ashern Manager
Some people say Katie Gunther looks like Molly Ringwald (in her 80’s prime), we say she was one of the best things that’s ever happened to T&A. Her love of life, determination and eagerness to learn has benefitted the firm and clients extremely well. Katie joined the Ashern office in August 2015, bringing with her over eight years experience in professional bookkeeping. Currently, she is working towards her Accounting Certificate through Athabasca University. Happiest in the outdoors, you can find her hiking, camping, helping on her parents’ cattle farm, running with her husband Curtis or building snow forts with her three sons Logan, Warrick and Gerard. Katie is a co-ordinator for the Steep Rock Swim Program as well as volunteers at many community events and teaches Sunday School at Peace Lutheran Church.
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Haley Blouin
Birtle Manager
For resident chocolate addict Haley, making a difference in someone’s life is what gets her up in the morning. With an outlook on life as sweet as her baking, she is always there to lend a helping hand or just to listen when someone needs to vent. After graduating from the Assiniboine Community College with an Agribusiness Diploma in 2013, she went on to obtain her Certificate in Municipal Administration from the University of Manitoba in 2017. She works closely with the St. Lazare Daycare Committee and multiple other organizations in pursuit of their joint project to get a licensed daycare in “Ecole Saint-Lazare”. When she’s not boosting her team to their goals or rallying support for her community, Haley can be found basking in the moment with the people she admires most in life: her family! A big believer in remaining in the present, she enjoys playing hockey and skating as well as bike rides and trail walks with her husband and son.
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Christy Snell, B.Mgmt., CPA


If her heart were a mountain, it would be the biggest one you could climb. Christy is known for her genuine love of animals, people and a good challenge. She graduated from Red River College in 2012 with a Business Administration Diploma majoring in Accounting. Christy is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Management program at Athabasca University and following, has plans to obtain her CPA designation. She is a proud dog mom (but we can’t forget about her two cats) and an avid optimist. Christy enjoys gardening, fishing, belly laughs with friends and is always up for a spur of the moment road trip. She has been a devoted volunteer with Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue and Relay for Life for CancerCare and dreams of vacationing in Australia where some of her family reside.
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Claire Vigier
Director of First Impressions (Stonewall)
With her tiny home and chickens, Claire might profess to live a simple life, but she has some deep philosophies about making a difference in the world. She most admires people who go that extra mile to do something good in the world- and with her passion for baking, she’s living her own mantra. Her secret talent is being able to say the alphabet backward very quickly! After attending CUSB for nursing and taking a major in French and a minor in psychology, she came to join the Talbot and Associates Team. She has 16 years of professional baking experience at her disposal and isn’t afraid to use it! A few of Claire’s life dreams are to continue expanding their free-range flock of chickens and to one day have her own commercial kitchen to bake her heart out in.
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Corinne Berard


Passionate about gardening and canning, Corinne is the kind of person who loves to find the best possible outcome. Whether it’s finding the best tax return for a client or learning how to grow bigger and better vegetables each year, she always strives for the ideal solution- making her a natural fit for our Farm team!
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Daniel Delaquis
Daniel is a strategically minded, minimalistic and charismatic accountant here in our St. Norbert office. He has a fascination with farming that came from his beekeeping business which he successfully ran for three years prior to Talbot & Associates. He was able to use and develop his accounting, tax and bookkeeping skills, bringing all four of his passions to Talbot & Associates and working with like minded individuals who hold the same belief about farming, accounting and taxes as he does. Daniel’s personal hobbies include playing disc golf, reading fantasy novels spending time with his sister.
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Evan Barker, B. Comm. (Hons.), CPA
Everything in life Evan chooses to do, he does to the fullest! A firm believer in continuous self-growth, he thrives on exploring, traveling, and experiencing different cultures around the world. When he was sixteen, he moved to Spain to play soccer, living out his dream for two years and starting the foundation of what shaped him into who he is today. As an avid Jets fan, he’s not all work and no play either, as he believes a good work-life balance is key. Before graduating from the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba in 2019 with his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), he took a keen interest in investing at his job at RBC. For years, he was involved in ALS fundraisers, donations, and event organizations, a charity near and dear to his heart. His enthusiasm for numbers and helping people took off from there and after joining the T&A team, he earned his CPA designation in 2023. Evan’s personal travel goal is to visit each continent and, with twenty-three countries already crossed off his list, he’s well on his way! Some of the memories he holds most dear are the trip where he climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and proposing to his fiancée in Paris.
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Gerald Hastings BBA
Gerald is a man of few words, but when he uses them, they’re either filled with humour or determination. After graduating from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor in Administration degree in 2015, T&A was the lucky company to scoop Gerald up before the others. Gerald has plans to obtain his CPA designation – we expect not long after that he’ll be running the firm. Outside the office you can find Gerald with a permanent smile while in family mode – especially wrestling with his son (usually over the TV remote) or helping his little girl paint her nails (he admits he would let his daughter paint his finger nails once she gets more skilled). Gerald enjoys writing, working with numbers and has tremendous respect for people who go to the extremes to stand up for the greater good in life.
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Jen Obsniuk CPA, CGA
The Spreadsheet Queen, Jen loves to create budgets for everything. No wonder she is the treasurer of Teulon Daycare Inc. and a board member of the Balmoral Childcare Centre! Her passion doesn’t stop there, Jen’s dream is to one day own a camp for kids. Talbot & Associates is lucky to have someone like her on our team. Originally from a film studies background, Jen worked on television and movie sets in Winnipeg for a year and a half before deciding it wasn’t for her. She then began the CGA program in June of 2010 and started working with EPR Stonewall in 2011. Following the acquisition, she’s happy to be a part of a company that truly values its clients and community. When not working, you can find Jen laughing and having conversations with her husband and kids or riding her mini-bike around the trails behind their house.
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Joshua Warkentin
For board game enthusiast Joshua, life is full of puzzles that need solving. Accounting is no exception where nothing feels better to him than taking a messy numbers situation and bringing order and structure to it. Born near Vancouver, Josh grew up in rural Saskatchewan before moving back to Vancouver. Then he moved to Manitoba. It seems he still can’t make up his mind if he likes our cold, prairie winters! Having completed his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Briercrest College in Saskatchewan, he has now set his sights on his next goal: completing his CPA designation. In his free time, he enjoys outdoorsy activities and has promised his wife to settle her on a small acreage with a horse someday. He most admires his grandparents for the way they so deeply invested their time into the lives of those around them.
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Katrina Fast


Katrina believes continuing to learn, challenge her current mindset, and seek out wisdom from those around her is all part of our lifelong growth. Having completed her QuickBooks Online and Desktop Certification, you can find her hard at work in her current field of focus. At the age of 3, she took her first ballet class and discovered her passion, going on to study full time at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Professional Division at the age of 12. Part of a small group of 10 girls from around the world, she trained in classical Russian Technique and learned discipline, strong work ethic, and a deep love and respect for the art form. Today, you can find her hiking, puzzling, brushing up on her calligraphy skills, or in the kitchen with a glass of red wine trying a new recipe with her beloved cat Pippa.
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Khushwant Dhillon
Fluent in three languages able to understand many dialects, Khushwant is one smart cookie. He’s passionate about giving back to the community and being a part of something bigger than himself, volunteering his free time at the Ashern Fire Department as a Volunteer Firefighter. A graduate of Red River College, Winnipeg, he holds his certificate in Applied Accounting. When he’s not fighting fires and saving the day in your taxes and accounting, he can be found chasing exhilaration in target-shooting and horseback riding. One day, Khushwant dreams of having his own hunting cabin.
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Kyla Murray, H.B. Comm.
There’s a reason Kyla Murray is known as T&A’s resident bloodhound. If she’s not sniffing out a solution with military precision, you’ll find her wowing clients with the latest accounting ace up her sleeve. Kyla is an integral member of T&A’s Ag Team and provides exceptional training, support and care for her teammates and clients of the firm. She is currently enrolled in the CPA program after obtaining an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from Laurentian University. She grew up in rural southeastern Manitoba and enjoys golfing, fishing, water skiing, playing softball and hiking. When she’s not enjoying the great outdoors, you’ll find her defeating challenges like most recently running trail races in the Rockies and winning 2nd at the Festival Du Voyageur Games.
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Kyra Copping
Director of First Impressions (Birtle)
Kyra was a welcome addition to the T&A team in 2016. Most know her as the Director of First Impressions at the Birtle office, but insiders refer to her as the “glue” who keeps it all together. Kyra has personally invested herself in helping others and guaranteeing satisfaction with her contagious smile and unique sense of humor. She loves hockey, spending time with her family and hopes one day to see the world.
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Lindsay Wierer
Lindsay has been a solid member of T&A’s Birtle office since opening in 2016. She brought with her a devoted sense of purpose, commitment to problem solving and concentrated education in accounting and business. The same devotion she has in helping T&A clients succeed is also evident in her advocacy of reducing waste and ensuring children obtain a good education. Lindsay greatly admires her daughter Samantha who has set goals and persevered, and hopes for the day when she can travel the world and immerse herself in its wonders (in more peaceful times). Her dream day would consist of taking in a Jets Game with family after a day of invigorating work on flower beds.
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Madison Code


Whatever Madison is working on your taxes or playing video games, she is always looking for optimization. She loves the complexity of preparing year-ends and loves finding loopholes that will help save client's some money, that’s why she is part of our AG team and helps prepare corporate year-ends for both farm and non-farm companies.
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Morgan Lappage


Morgan may be short, but she has a huge heart. After graduating from Red River College in 2019 from Business Administration with a Marketing major, her first two jobs were at a pharmacy and a Clinic. She then decided to go a step further to take care of your health and wealth making sure you don’t pay more tax than you should. Outside of the office, you can find Morgan supporting Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Awareness or travelling and exploring new things to create memories.
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Olga Lebedeva
She’s both a welcome kind of mysterious and a perfect storm of diligent creativity. Just a few characteristics that make up one of T&A’s hardest-working members on the bookkeeping and tax preparation teams. Olga comes from a diverse career background, including professions in graphic design and event décor. Shortly before joining T&A, she changed gears and acquired an Applied Accounting certificate form Red River College. One of Olga’s strengths is assisting clients with challenges they face in balancing the books. Her passions include painting landscapes, replenishing in nature and caring for animals.
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Rich Jolicoeur
Rich often wonders why people stare at him like he has eight heads. It could be (a) his wild stories about what he blew up in his garage microwave, (b) the rapid speed in which fires back email responses or (c) that they are literally staring at all the hats he wears at the firm. Rich has been a significant part of the T&A family since 2011. He’s held positions as the IT Manager and supports the Ag Team and overall tax file preparation. He is a quick study and is constantly striving to improve himself in some way each day. In his downtime he enjoys wood working, a good book or head banging to Abba.
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Samantha Campbell
Whether it’s on the beach or at a bonfire, you’ll find Samantha soaking up life to the fullest. A long-time volunteer for the Woodlands Wildlife Federation and part of a hockey team for nearly a decade and a half, she believes in giving back to the community. A graduate of the Asper School of Business, she holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) with a major in accounting. Having already completed all of her CPA prerequisites, she plans to pursue the CPA program after gaining more work experience. Passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, Samantha dreams of spending her winters somewhere hot and having a big property where rescue dogs can play on one day. The people she most admires in life are her parents and their dedicated work ethic and infallible ability to always make things work out.
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Tammy Graham
If you’d like a good dose of warm care and want to brush up on your accounting savvy, pop into T&A’s Birtle office and ask for Tammy Graham, she’s sure to deliver (but if you live there, you already know this because Tammy knows everyone in the area). Tammy brings over 20 years of accounting experience to her role. She is passionate about helping others and developing strong relationships. Always ready to lend a helping hand, Tammy often volunteers for a variety of community projects like donating food to her church or work with the ag society. Her happy place is with her family who she aims to spend as much time as possible.
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