Doing good shouldn’t be this complicated!

Children running amok, concerned parents, staffing issues, food and allergy concerns, professional development requirements,
child development strategies, and budgeting are all some of the difficulties you have to contend with on an ongoing basis…
And to top it off, you’re expected to be a financial expert as well?

As an Executive Director you are responsible for adhering to the provincial grant funding requirements, the Canada Revenue Agency’s rigid expectations for proper filing and remittances, financial reporting to the Board of Directors on how you securely disburse the organization’s finances and of course, the audit.

Joelle Régnier CPA, CGA

Joelle Régnier CPA, CGA

Proudly working with small and medium-sized businesses for over 25 years, we go the extra mile to provide

Joelle is a partner at Talbot & Associates and is the Assurance and Compliance Leader for the firm. She’s been with our firm for 18 years, serving hundreds of English and French clients across a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit industries.

Joelle gets it! Joelle has been a board member for a child care centre since 2013, and served as President from 2015-2018. She has overseen annual audits for more than 50 daycares across the province. She has presented for MCCA, Child Care Executive Directors and Board of Directors on the topics mentioned above.

Most importantly: She and the Assurance Team would LOVE to help teach you what you need to know to understand your financial responsibilities, as well as those of the Board of Directors.

Are you nervous about presenting financial data to the Board of Directors?
We would be happy to present to them on your behalf.


We’ve been using Talbot & Associates services for several years. The staff is always accessible and very accommodating – they’re always ready to do their best to simplify or add to our monthly reports so our Board of Directors are able to get the information in a way that they need and understand.

Le P’tit Bonheur Inc.

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You request a quote.

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We contact you to gather information and diagnose your specific needs then we prepare a quote.

Step 3 with Talbot and Associates

Once services are agreed upon, you sign an engagement letter.
And we execute and follow up

Enjoy Stress-Free Audit or Review!

  • Fees will be quoted and agreed upon before doing the work.
  • Timeline will be provided.
  • Remove complexity and explain problem & solution in a way you’ll understand.

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How T&A Can Help Your Daycare

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Financial statement presentation to a board, or at an AGM
  • Performing an independent audit
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • New business advisor services
  • Budget preparation and consultation
  • Financial projections preparation help
  • Charitable returns filing and preparation

We Can Advise on Matters Regarding:

  • What qualifies as acceptable charitable activities
  • Charitable receipting
  • Maintaining your charitable status
  • Budget consultationRegarding what qualifies as acceptable charitable activities

Team Member

Joelle Régnier CPA, CGA
Partner / Compliance Manager
Most appreciated for being a fantastic accountant, team member and mom, Joelle goes over and beyond in all she does with an infectious enthusiasm that draws people in. Joelle began her accounting career with Talbot in 1996. She shares her expertise and genuine care with staff and clients, being most fulfilled when she’s helping people understand their financials to make better life decisions for long-term success. In the future, Joelle aims to be more involved with organizations that dedicate efforts to help children with life-threatening illnesses. She is mainly influenced by her Mom, who carries out life with strength, a devoted heart and by keeping family connections alive. Off hours, you’ll find Joelle creating new memories while camping or taking in Festival Du Voyager with her three precious kids and hilarious husband.
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Paul Dorey H. B. Com, CPA, CGA
Suspicious in the best kind of way, Paul Dorey takes face value hostage every chance he gets. A miner for challenge and opportunities to learn, he’s T&A’s onsite problem-solving guru and we love him for it. An integral part of both the Audit and U.S. Tax Services Teams, Paul believes that you’ve done your job well as an accountant if you can convert complex issues into conversational language for clients. Off hours, you’ll find Paul swimming, jogging, weight-training, biking, reading and spending quality time with friends and family. He is taken with both his fiancée and Trinidad, the land she hails from. He hopes to one day open a T&A satellite office there to live out his dreams of becoming the greatest ocean-side accountant in the world.
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Jocelyne McWilliams
Audit Manager
If you look up, “one cool customer” in the dictionary, you’ll see Jocelyne’s photo right beside it. This lady is the full package- sharing her ease, smarts and laughter with the T&A team for over 10 years. Jocelyne received a diploma in Business Administration from the Université de Saint-Boniface in 1997. Prior to Talbot, she obtained close to 10 years of public and private accounting experience. Out of the office, you can find her rink-side cheering on her daughters in ringette, enjoying golf, speeding on trails a la ATV or laughing up a storm near a bonfire with friends.
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Chris Scott H. B. COM., CPA
What does Accounting excellence, vinyl records and boxing have in common? Chris Scott (known affectionately as “Scotty”). Chris graduated from the Laurentian University with an Honors Degree in Commerce and the CPA Western School of Business with his CPA designation. He is a hard-working and valuable member of the firm, bringing both knowledge and expertise to his role in Assurance, corporate tax and personal tax preparation. Scotty gives back to the youth community through coaching amateur boxing and developing non-traditional programming to assist in the overall growth of participants. Inspirational people for Scotty include, Richard Branson for his ways of developing non-traditional yet successful businesses, Nelson Mandela and Mohammed Ali for their ability to believe in what they thought right and never waver, the local small business owner for their courage and grit, and on the funnier side Mr. Wyle E. Coyote (although Chris feels Wyle E. needs to change his aspirations).
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Angie Shu
Both an athlete and a scholar, Angie is a talented lady who thrives on enriching both her mind and body. When she’s not on the tennis court or boxing, she’s crushing numbers and fluent in three languages (including Mandarin and Cantonese!). After graduating from the University of Manitoba with an Accounting major, she worked with CRA as an Office Auditor before joining the Talbot and Associates team. Her background includes audit work, working to assist taxpayers, and assessing financial information. Currently, she is pursuing her CPA designation, with a goal to pass the final exam (CFE) in two years.
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Chao Niu CPA
Before coming to Talbot & Associates, Chao previously worked at a law firm and an educational institution performing accounting duties and business analysis. Chao got his CPA designation in 2023 and is holding a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He’s passionate about accounting and finance and plays badminton in his spare time. His dream is to become a chartered professional accountant. Chao admires entrepreneurs following their passions and hopes to assist businesses with his knowledge and experience.
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Christy Snell, B.Mgmt., CPA

If her heart were a mountain, it would be the biggest one you could climb. Christy is known for her genuine love of animals, people and a good challenge. She graduated from Red River College in 2012 with a Business Administration Diploma majoring in Accounting. Christy is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Management program at Athabasca University and following, has plans to obtain her CPA designation. She is a proud dog mom (but we can’t forget about her two cats) and an avid optimist. Christy enjoys gardening, fishing, belly laughs with friends and is always up for a spur of the moment road trip. She has been a devoted volunteer with Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue and Relay for Life for CancerCare and dreams of vacationing in Australia where some of her family reside.
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Colin Taylor

As a Junior Accountant, Colin goes through clients' year end balances and makes certain that everything is properly recorded and balanced. What he particularly likes is the puzzling aspect of numbers not matching as it’s for him like playing Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, or video games! Finding how to “defeat the problem” is addictive.
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Irving Waahu
Living by the uplifting mantra that each day is another day to be alive and gracious, Irving believes there are always new things to be explored, learned, observed, family to love and be loved, friends to care for, and people to lend a helping hand. Whether it’s his family at home, his friends on a football field, or his T&A colleague at the office, he always strives to ensure his relationships are an enduring source of happiness. Originally from Ghana, Africa, he graduated from Brandon University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. His personal goal is to be happy in his career while always learning and challenging himself. A big supporter of Manchester United, you can find him playing soccer in his free time, as well as working out and hiking. He most admires his mum in life, citing her as his backbone, biggest support, and number one fan. Much like his favorite comic character Batman, he’s a night owl by nature.
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Jen Obsniuk CPA, CGA
The Spreadsheet Queen, Jen loves to create budgets for everything. No wonder she is the treasurer of Teulon Daycare Inc. and a board member of the Balmoral Childcare Centre! Her passion doesn’t stop there, Jen’s dream is to one day own a camp for kids. Talbot & Associates is lucky to have someone like her on our team. Originally from a film studies background, Jen worked on television and movie sets in Winnipeg for a year and a half before deciding it wasn’t for her. She then began the CGA program in June of 2010 and started working with EPR Stonewall in 2011. Following the acquisition, she’s happy to be a part of a company that truly values its clients and community. When not working, you can find Jen laughing and having conversations with her husband and kids or riding her mini-bike around the trails behind their house.
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Stefan De Graff

Motivated and caring, Stephan uses his will and tenacity to challenge himself but also to help his clients. His desire to make a positive impact as often as he can also translates into his job where he gives it his all to find solutions to your problems. He is in the process of obtaining his CPA designation and when he isn't working or studying, you can find him looking for his next 800km hiking trail.
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