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Between the deceased’s Final Return, the potential Rights and Things Return, to the T3 Estate Return and the final clearance certificate, the executor has a lot of things to know to be able to fulfill one’s responsibilities. But our experienced and compassionate team of dedicated estate specialists will assist you with navigating this difficult process. 

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I’m grateful for your comprehensive approach, your thoroughness, and the unusual clarity of your advice.
You are one-in-a-million, and I thank you for your kind help.

Armelle Molin

Depuis bon nombre d’années, l’entreprise Talbot et Associés gère nos rapports d’impôts. Leurs services sont respectueux, efficaces et hautement professionnels. Nous saluons particulièrement Monsieur Pierre Normandeau.


Really appreciate the work done by Rosanna Sternat at the Selkirk branch of Talbot. The work and interactions are always professional, timely, with a focus on great customer service and attention to detail. Rosanna and the team have been doing my taxes for close to a decade. They did all of the work related to my mom’s estate as well. I trust and value her work… I wouldn’t go to anyone else.


MANY thanks for the assistance and expertise.
It was very comforting to know we had an expert looking after these taxation requirements during such a difficult time.


My friend mentioned how grateful she was to all of you for helping her through this, for all of your attention and care. I know how much it meant to her not to have to organize another thing when she’s already got so much on her plate on top of the grief of losing her husband.

Charles Brunet

Our firm recently switched to Talbot & Associates and we couldn’t be happier! They are extremely helpful and courteous. They actually discuss matters with options and solutions on subjects that the other firm did not even bother to bring up. We are very impressed with their professionalism with regards to tax savings and estate planning. We were at a loss as to how to approach our impending retirement in 5 years, and they are truly assisting in these future preparations. They are well organized and respond to our questions within 24 hours.
Our only regret is that we didn’t switch to Talbot sooner!


My friend was a basket case with worry about the Canadian and Income tax returns she had as well as the Final return.

She was so happy with everything that was done for her and said she had told Dan (accountant) that she couldn’t sleep at night – but he told her “go to sleep – we’ll take care of everything.” She informed me that she did sleep that night and while the worry was still in the back of her mind she was glad that someone was taking care of it, and of her.

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For your information, see our fees for Income Tax Returns for Deceased Individuals but keep in mind that every case is unique and you may discover unknown items along the process obtaining your clearance certificate.

What are the responsibilities of an executor (or administrator) of the Estate of a deceased individual?

As the legal representative of an estate, it is your responsibility to:

  • File all required returns for the deceased
  • Ensure that all taxes owing are paid
  • Let the beneficiaries know which amounts they receive from the estate are taxable

These responsibilities include the filing of the deceased individual’s Final Tax Return.
A Final Tax Return for a deceased individual involves reporting the income earned by the deceased up until the date of their death.
It has many of the same qualities as one for a living taxpayer.

However, there is much more to consider from a tax perspective, such as:

  • The deemed disposition of the deceased’s assets upon their date of death - Final Return
  • Whether any amounts can be reported on a Rights and Things return
  • The income earned by the deceased’s assets after date of death - T3 Estate Return
  • Whether a clearance certificate is required

These are just some of the considerations that provide pitfalls and opportunities.
We have the knowledge and experience to help you fulfill all tax filing requirements and responsibilities while making sure that the estate does not pay more than its fair share of tax.

What is “deemed disposition”?

A deceased taxpayer is deemed to have disposed of all their property at fair market value on their date of passing. (There are exceptions to these rules when there is a surviving spouse.)
As a result, accrued capital gains and losses on these properties will be triggered upon death and must be reported on the Final Return.

Examples of property that are subject to deemed disposition rules:

  • Cottage or cabin
  • Land that exceeds 1.25 acres
  • Farmland*
  • Rental house
  • Unregistered investments
  • Balance of RRSP and RRIF
  • Shares in a private corporation*

*Our team can advise on the criteria for Qualified Farm Property and Qualified Small Business Corporation Shares and whether the deceased can possibly take advantage of their lifetime Capital Gains Exemption.

What is a spousal roll-over?

Assets of the deceased that are transferred to a surviving spouse are rolled over at cost; effectively, there would be no capital gains or losses to be calculated.
In some instances, the surviving spouse may create future tax savings by electing out of the rollover, and dispose of the deceased’s assets at fair market value.
This sort of tax planning can be considered during the preparation of the Final Return.

What is a “Rights and Things Return”?

In some cases, it may be worthwhile to file an elective Rights and Things Return. In general, Rights and Things include most income that was earned by the deceased up to their passing, but not received until after their date of death. Rights and Things Returns have access to the same graduated rates as final returns and can duplicate the claim of specific tax credits. This can reduce or eliminate the tax on qualifying income.
We can help you consider whether the potential tax savings of filing a Rights and Things Return is worth the additional time and effort.

What is a “T3 Estate Return”

When a person dies, their estate comes into existence at that time as a matter of law and the estate will take ownership of the deceased’s assets.
In general, income earned by the estate’s assets is reported on a T3 Estate Return.
T3 Estate Returns may need to be filed annually as long as the Estate continues to own assets.

Some examples of income reported on a T3 Estate Return are as follows:

  • Interest earned on term accounts and Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC)
  • Dividends earned from corporate shares and mutual funds
  • Increases in the value of TFSA, RRSP, and RRIF accounts
  • Rental income earned on a property
  • Proceeds received upon the sale of property
  • Deemed proceeds received upon the transfer of property to a beneficiary
  • $2,500 CPP death benefit

How long will the tax returns take to complete?

The timelines for the preparation of these returns vary. Expectations will be discussed at your initial meeting with one of our accountants.
The filing due date for Final Returns is typically April 30 of the year following date of passing but is extended to 6 months after the date of death if the individual passes away between November 1st and December 31st.

What is a Clearance Certificate?

A clearance certificate:

  • Confirms that an estate of a deceased person or a corporation has paid all tax, interest, and penalties it owed at the time the certificate was issued
  • Allows the legal representative to distribute assets without the risk of being personally responsible for amounts the deceased, estate, trust or corporation might owe the CRA

If you have any question, please feel free to reach us

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Passionate about environmental stewardship, Rebecca thrives on empowering people and serving her community. She lives life with the personal mantra that strength lies in differences, not similarities, and believes in taking the time to enjoy the beauty all around us. Graduating in 2018 from Providence University College, she holds a degree in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). Rebecca’s two greatest loves are culinary adventures and nature. When she’s not enjoying music or cooking, she can be found hiking or just immersing herself in nature and exploring new places. Rebecca’s personal mantra is "Is there anything more perfect than a consistently imperfect unfolding of nature."
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