Personal Tax Preparation Workshop (6 classes)


Whether you’re the owner of an accounting firm who’d like to send your staff to be trained (to save time for billable work), a student hoping to make themselves more marketable in the workforce or if you would like to learn how to complete a tax return for family and friends, this course will cover the gamut of all you need to know. This workshop is updated annually to reflect any changes for the upcoming tax season.

Who will benefit

Practitioners, students and anyone who’d like to learn the ins and outs of preparing personal tax returns.

Participants will learn

  • How to prepare a simple tax return from beginning to end
  • A more complex tax return with a business, rental and farm schedule
  • Real world examples of how to utilize different deductions and tax credits to
    help your clients minimize and/or defer tax implications
  • Information on how to advise clients on different tax planning options they
    might have, like carrying forward RRSPs, or donations
  • How capital cost allowance is calculated and how recapture and terminal
    losses may come into play
  • How capital gain is calculated and how to potentially use capital gains reserves
  • Tax planning opportunities on how to maximize the tax savings on certain
  • When it is best to claim an RRSP deduction

Class subject`s breakdown

  • Taxable Income Sources
  • Capital Gains
  • Tax Deductions
  • In depth detail on RRSP`s, Moving Expenses, Employment Expenses & Northern Residents Deduction
  • Tax Credits
  • Business Income
  • Farm Income
  • Rental Income
  • Manitoba Taxation
  • Taxation Upon Death
  • International Tax Issues
  • Calculation of Balance Owing
  • Business Tax Workshop

Scheduled Workshop @ The T&A Training Centre (3553 Pembina Highway) 

January 23 – February 8, 2018

6 Sessions: Tuesdays & Thursdays, Jan 23, 25, 30 &  Feb. 1, 6, 8

Time: 5:30pm – 9:30pm (all classes)

Cost: $595 + GST ($495 + GST for students)

(includes updated text book with applicable updates for 2017 tax preparation)

Pay by cash, cheque, credit card or e-transfer.

Register by contacting Chantal at 204.269.7460 or at

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