Valérie Chaput

Valérie Chaput

HR / Executive Team Support

Valérie is the real-life version of a viral video.  You can’t stop watching her and you want to introduce her to all your friends. From hilarious stories about insane incidents to her sharp-as-a-tact work ethic – she’s a catch for any organization (and we caught her –  point us!).

Valérie is T&A’s HR/Executive Assistant who’s been with T&A since 2006. She obtained her Office Management diploma at the Université de Saint-Boniface in 2007 and has kept T&A spinning ever since. Often the first one in and the last out, this girl is most marked by her tremendous generosity and kind heart.

In her free time, Valérie loves to bake and is a passionate volunteer. She enjoys any type of physical activity – whether its Zumba or playing volleyball. She lives life with a spirit of gratitude and credits her parents who sacrificed to give her and her siblings the life she so deeply appreciates now.

Life Quote: “Live every moment, laugh every day and love beyond words.”

Why I love Talbot & Associates: “The team. They’re more than just co-workers… they’re family. Collectively like someone whom you’ve known for years, share stories and create a bond with.”


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