Remy Dogramaciyan

Remy Dogramaciyan

Marketing & Communications Manager

In early 2018, a gift from France fell on our laps. It was one of innovation, artistic flare and good natured, “get it done” attitude. That gift was Remy Dogramaciyan and we couldn’t be happier about it.  In his short time with the firm, he’s wowed the team and clients with his branding brilliance and fresh strategic perspectives, which he learned in various positions during over 15 years experience at advertising firm Publicis Worldwide, based in Paris.   Remy sees things as they could be – not how they are (or have been done in the past!).  He looks forward to sharing all he’s learned to help bring T&A and its’ clients into their next stage of growth and success.

When Remy’s not conjuring up his latest strategic idea (or making a co-worker laugh with his hilarious observations), you can find him scuba diving, nurturing carnivorous plants, taking care of his aquarium, cooking up a storm or out and about discovering Manitoba’s great outdoors with his beautiful wife and precious daughter.

Life Quote: “When the water level rises, so does the boat” –  Hagakure, The Book of the Samuraï
(In other words, faced with difficulties, faculties sharpen.)

Why I love Talbot & Associates: Everyone here is very nice and caring, (can’t believe its real sometimes).  I don’t feel like a number here.  It’s a company that interacts like family- where everyone works with the same purpose. They are also very empowering which leads I feel to the healthy kind of confidence that exists here.


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