Patrick Pantel

Patrick Pantel

If James Dean, G.I. Joe and Tony Robbins were in a band, they’d be called Patrick Pantel. He says he’s from a different time –  we say he needs his own show.

Patrick began his career in the mechanical field for nine years, before changing gears (pun intended) and switching paths. After completing his CGA studies, he found his calling in the number crunching world. Guaranteed to come at it differently than anyone else in the room, Patrick’s unique perspective, matched with his great ability to problem solve makes him a solid asset to the firm where he contributes to the year-end and personal tax filing preparation teams.

When he’s not getting down to business, you’ll find Patrick peeling away on his Suzuki 250 off to the barracks, being part of the Canadian Armed Forces. Patrick enjoys hanging out with co-workers, helping clients, snowboarding and hot rods. We expect someday to read about Patrick conquering some amazing feat as we collectively scream that we once knew him.

Life Quote: “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” – Cpl Pantel

Why I love Talbot & Associates: “The positive atmosphere and the family mentality.”


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