Matt Hofer

Matt Hofer CPA

If one were to give directions how to get to the town of Matt Hofer, they’d tell you to go down Sincerity Road, hang a left at Wit Junction, jump on the train at Imagination Station, then go a block up to Affable Avenue until you find yourself at Grateful Gate.

Matt has been a part of the T&A family since 2012. He brought with him an incredible work ethic and a B.A. (Hons.) with a major in Political Studies. He earned his CPA designation in 2021.

Matt can usually be found coming up with ways to help his family or clients achieve their dreams. He strongly believes in putting his family first and is appreciative for all the ways he is blessed in this life. For fun, Matt enjoys playing all types of table-top games, especially role-playing games, with friends and family.

Life Quote: “Every morning I see another miracle.  I can’t believe I’m living the impossible.” – from Lacey Sturm’s song, “Impossible”

Why I love Talbot & Associates: “Talbot gives me the flexibility to live life where I can truly make my family a priority.  Also, it’s an environment that allows for professional development and overall care about my well being.”



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