Joshua Warkentin

Joshua Warkentin

For board game enthusiast Joshua, life is full of puzzles that need solving. Accounting is no exception where nothing feels better to him than taking a messy numbers situation and bringing order and structure to it. Born near Vancouver, Josh grew up in rural Saskatchewan before moving back to Vancouver. Then he moved to Manitoba. It seems he still can’t make up his mind if he likes our cold, prairie winters!

Having completed his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Briercrest College in Saskatchewan, he has now set his sights on his next goal: completing his CPA designation.

In his free time, he enjoys outdoorsy activities and has promised his wife to settle her on a small acreage with a horse someday. He most admires his grandparents for the way they so deeply invested their time into the lives of those around them.


Life Quote: In humility, serve others before yourself. Imitate Christ Jesus in this. ~~Paraphrase Philippians 2


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