Jean-Guy Talbot

Jean-Guy Talbot FCPA, FCGA

Founder & CEO

Jean-Guy believes that happiness is a choice you make every morning. He inspires so many by living out these types of insights – it’s why colleagues and clients across North America refer to him as both a knowledgeable mentor and friend.

Born and raised on a mixed farm, Jean-Guy learned at a very young age to feed the chickens, milk cows, clean the pigpen by hand and to NEVER stand behind a coughing cow. He started his career in accounting in 1983 by working in public practice for several years then a few years in industry. He founded T&A on a part time basis in 1987 and started operating full time in 1991 when he got his CGA designation. Jean-Guy grew his practice from a one-person operation to its current size of 60+ staff by providing professional personalized service with heart. He is also the founder of RêveNew Practice Management, a consulting company that lays a path for entrepreneurs on how to experience balance and success in both personal life and business.

In 2016, Jean-Guy received the title of Fellow CPA on behalf of The Chartered Professional Accountants of Manitoba which formally recognizes those members who have rendered exceptional services to the profession, or whose achievements in their careers or the community have earned them distinction and brought honor to the profession.

In his spare time, Jean-Guy enjoys country music, quading, paint-balling and flying down the highway on his motorcycle. What he cherishes most is spending time with his wife, kids and large extended family.

Quote: “We all believe that we either win or lose in life’s transactions, interactions and happenings.  Fact is, this is not true.  We either win or LEARN.  Whatever the outcome, it’s ALWAYS good.” –  Grant Kirkup

Why I love Talbot & Associates: “This place is an extension of my heart. The people – the spirit – the spontaneity of the team – they are always challenging status quo and are eager to make this place better. People often think I’m exaggerating when I say people here are my like family – but really, I think of them that way.  I am continually blown away by people doing things for the benefit of the firm and our clients on their own time. This group is far better at being exemplary employees than I ever was. The caring here is number one priority.”



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