Ginette Hadley

Ginette Hadley

Director of First Impressions (Winnipeg-St. Norbert)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the lady who keeps everything spinning at T&A’s head office. People are instantly drawn to Ginette because of her warm, welcoming personality, then find themselves making excuses to hang out with her because of her infectious laugh or because she always believes the best about you. It’s not surprising that this rock star was once in the Navy reserves – because there’s not a task or situation that could possibly throw this firecracker off her game.  Off hours, be it packing a picnic and taking off to the beach or hiking some far-off trail in Manitoba – excursions and family are what make her world spin. When asked about a dream Ginette has for her life she responded with a whimsical grin, “to see my kids succeed at whatever it is they want…yeah…that”.

Life Quote: “It is what it is. You can’t change things or go back – you have to pick your battles.”

Why I love Talbot & Associates: “I appreciate that we are so accepting – family oriented as well – I feel like the team at Talbot has the same concepts as I do –they just get how to be nice to people.”


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