Gerald Hastings

Gerald Hastings BBA

Gerald is a man of few words, but when he uses them, they’re either filled with humour or determination. After graduating from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor in Administration degree in 2015, T&A was the lucky company to scoop Gerald up before the others.  Gerald has plans to obtain his CPA designation – we expect not long after that he’ll be running the firm. Outside the office you can find Gerald with a permanent smile while in family mode – especially wrestling with his son (usually over the TV remote) or helping his little girl paint her nails (he admits he would let his daughter paint his finger nails once she gets more skilled). Gerald enjoys writing, working with numbers and has tremendous respect for people who go to the extremes to stand up for the greater good in life.

Life Quote: “All you need is love”. – The Beatles

Why I love Talbot & Associates: “I love how you’re not just a number here. Instead of being number 7 or 21, I’m Gerald and some other companies don’t care about their culture in that kind of way like Talbot does.”



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