Daniel Delaquis

Daniel Delaquis

Daniel is a strategically minded, minimalistic and charismatic accountant here in our St. Norbert office. He has a fascination with farming that came from his beekeeping business which he successfully ran for three years prior to Talbot & Associates. He was able to use and develop his accounting, tax and bookkeeping skills, bringing all four of his passions to Talbot & Associates and working with like minded individuals who hold the same belief about farming, accounting and taxes as he does. Daniel’s personal hobbies include playing disc golf, reading fantasy novels spending time with his sister.

Quote: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Why I love Talbot and Associates: I’m excited to start my day coming in to work at Talbot. I’m able to combine all my interests into a day’s worth of work and work with all around amazing people! There’s a lot to look forward to being here!


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