Chris Scott

Chris Scott H. B. COM., CPA

What does Accounting excellence, vinyl records and boxing have in common? Chris Scott (known affectionately as “Scotty”). Chris graduated from the Laurentian University with an Honors Degree in Commerce and the CPA Western School of Business with his CPA designation. He is a hard-working and valuable member of the firm, bringing both knowledge and expertise to his role in Assurance, corporate tax and personal tax preparation. Scotty gives back to the youth community through coaching amateur boxing and developing non-traditional programming to assist in the overall growth of participants. Inspirational people for Scotty include, Richard Branson for his ways of developing non-traditional yet successful businesses, Nelson Mandela and Mohammed Ali for their ability to believe in what they thought right and never waver, the local small business owner for their courage and grit, and on the funnier side Mr. Wyle E. Coyote (although Chris feels Wyle E. needs to change his aspirations).

Life Quote: “Out of many, one people.” – Jamaican National Motto

Why I love Talbot & Associates: “Both the culture and the goals, they are very similar to my own – meaning an energy, spirit of growth and helping clients pursue success, which line up with beliefs as well.”



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