Aodhan Drain

Aodhan Drain

What gets Aodhan up in the morning? Coffee. Find it, make it, drink it- it starts his day. Passionate about not only learning about the world around him but also teaching others, he lived and taught in rural Niigata Prefecture, Japan for fourteen years. He loved the Yahiko mountains and exploring Japanese shrines and historical places, citing there was always something new around every corner. In fact, his fondness for expanding his knowledge extends to his love of the British quiz shows, his favorites being The Chase and Tipping Point.

Graduating from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce with Honors, he has his eye on his CPA designation next. He is also a member of the Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club board.

In his free time, Aodhan likes to balance his mental pursuits with tennis, hiking, and jogging. He most admires his mother Barbara, who was the CFO of St. Boniface for many years, and his significant other Mayu, the head manager of a bus travel company, for their unparalleled levels of care and consideration for people and their ability to be friendly to everyone they meet.

Quote: Be kind, rewind



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