Anna Magnusson

Anna Magnusson

Anna wastes no time moving forward and thrives on new experiences, meeting new people, and learning new things. She spent a year living and working in England so that she was able to backpack around Western Europe and plans to travel to as many countries as humanely possible in the future. Her favorite days are busy ones.

Returning home from Europe, she was sad that she only spoke one language, so she decided to learn French as an adult, moving to Quebec to do so. A graduate from the University of Winnipeg, she holds a B. Sc. in Biology and is close to earning her CPA designation – eagerly awaiting CFE results. As a science student, she assisted with biology labs at the University of Winnipeg and worked with wild bats in rural Ontario and Manitoba, collecting data to assist research on White Nose Syndrome and declining bat populations. She finds them adorable and cites them as ‘actually more like little fuzzy teddy bears than anything scary’.

When she’s not flying through the numbers and collecting the data, she reads tons of novels (Margaret Atwood or any kind of sci-fi being her favorite!), loves to cook from scratch, and keeps active biking, hitting the gym, camping, and hanging with her dog. Attending music festivals and seeing live music are her favorite things and she even finds time to play piano and a little cribbage. She gives back to the community by donating 100% of the profits she makes on her handmade beaded earrings to charities in Winnipeg, with her go-to charity being those that assist inner city women.

Quote: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”



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