Strategic Partnerships


“We believe in the power of collaboration.  It’s one of the things that makes our world spin.”

For over 25 years, we’ve been partnering with financial institutions, advisers, lawyers and experienced professionals from a wide-variety of industries to help individuals, families business succeed. We carry out this in a variety of ways:


  • We discreetly connect you to professionals, groups, individuals, associations who will “go to bat” for you just the way we would in how they care for you and carry out their services.


  • If we know we have the best answer – we’ll find it from those who do.


  • If your a business/organization, there are key people who already believe in what you do (they just haven’t met you yet!).  We’re happy to connect you to the future ambassadors of your company and help establish ways you can work together.


  • We offer a number of fantastic workshops and seminars both at our T&A Training Centre in Winnipeg, in geographical areas surrounding our 7 offices and by request across Canada.  For some of those sessions, we invite individuals we trust from other backgrounds to compliment the participants’ learning.


  • If you generally dislike networking and don’t know where to start in that arena, we offer networking services, suggestions key individuals to meet, where you can connect with them and  assist you/your team on how to speak about and be ambassadors for your company.


Get partnerships working for you by contacting your regular T&A Team Member

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