Plans & Proposals

Business Plans  (For Start Ups)

For over two decades we’ve helped new business owners make their dream of starting a business a reality.  We customize our business planning services to the needs of the individual(s). We offer:

  • One-on-one or group consultation: Whether you’re in the research phase or have a plan already carved out, our team can consult with you/your team on best practices and next steps before starting your business.
  • Business Plan Development: business plan is a document that shows the feasibility of a prospective new business and providing a blueprint for its first several years of operation. We can create the plan for you in full or we can direct you on how to put it together and be a sounding board until its completion.

Strategic Plans (For Existing Companies/Organizations)

A strategic plan is used for implementing and managing the next strategic focus of an existing company/organization. We facilitate the process and create a living document that captures and articulates all areas of your company.  This document provides consistency, inspiration and reminds your team who you are, what is in scope (and what isn’t). It houses your refocused goals, vision, functions, organization chart, mission, core values, target market focus, desired customer experience and more. Your strategic plan will become the basis for your brand, team goals, website, staff manuals, partnership or financing proposals, marketing campaigns, recruitment etc. and more.

Marketing Plans (For Start Ups or Existing Companies/Organizations)

Our industry-experienced team can help you brand (or rebrand), create your marketing plan in full or assist you anywhere along the process.  Our team is ready to guarantee your marketing efforts are effective.  After you’ve got an effective business/strategic plan and branding in place, we can:

  • Develop a winning marketing plan that is based on your strategic plan, goals, timelines and budget.
  • Help you ensure your marketing plan is carried out properly. If it’s you, let us develop consult with you monthly. Or, we can facilitate matching you with the right marketing professionals including looking after recruiting your own part-time or full-time marketing person.

Learn more about our Marketing Services here. 

Scalability Planning (For Existing Companies Looking to Exponentially Grow or Sell)

If your looking to revitalize your revenue and profit growth or develop your company for future sale, let us help you develop a highly scalable business model that can sustain accelerated growth. Part of our process includes working with specialized individuals in a specific field/industry to ensure sound results. Contact Edna Friesen Wiebe to learn more about our Scalability Planning Services.

Succession Planning (For Existing Companies Looking to Transfer to the Next Generation)

The transfer of a business is a complex transaction that requires a sensitive and knowledgeable team.  Let us help you navigate the complexities of transferring your company to the next generation. Learn more about our Succession Planning services here.

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