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You will never worry about payroll ever again

Managing and processing payroll can be tedious and, depending on your company structure, complicated. Adhering to labour standards while ensuring you meet filing deadlines is the only way to avoid pitfalls and repeated payroll audits.

This transaction affects another taxpayer at a personal level, for this reason the standards are high and fixing an error can be complicated.
Things to watch for include, but certainly not limited to, are determining taxable benefits, ensuring you are deducting at the right level and amount, and remitting and paying the correct amounts by the correct date to the correct organization.

Meet with our certified Payroll specialist for end to end payroll solutions.

Sasha Pedneault PCP

Sasha Pedneault PCP

Payroll Compliance Practitioner

There are some people you meet that are off the beaten path in the best kind of way. Sasha is one of those people. She’s an old soul with a huge heart who looks like she just stepped off a movie set. She hasn’t told us exactly how she’s related to Mother Teresa – but it’s obvious as she’s so motivated by helping others and could accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

After gaining her certificate in Applied Accounting, she joined the T&A team in 2016 and quickly went on to lead the star Bookkeeping Team. She completed her Payroll Compliance Practitioner’s Designation in 2020.
Over the last 5 years, she’s made the lives of over 300 clients easier by handling their payroll and payroll-related tasks.

Outside of  T&A time, Sasha considers it a privilege to serve at church. She enjoys romantic films, baking, sports, biking, camping and is a proud mom to her pup, Tika.

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Very professional firm and are always willing to go the extra mile!
They take care of my business accounting and payroll needs, leaving me time to carry forward with business.

James. C.

Having a Stress-Free Business Tax is as easy as:

step 1

You meet with us to diagnose the problems
30 minutes Free Consultation

step 2

We explore and tailor solutions to your needs

step 3

You choose the solution you prefer and we execute the chosen plan

Fees will be quoted & agreed upon before doing the work
The timeline will be provided
Remove complexity and explain the problem and solution in a way you’ll understand

Your employees are the backbone of your company, whether you have 1 employee or 15 employees, our talented and efficient payroll department will ensure your remittances are filed, and your employees are paid.

We offer:

  • Paystub preparation
  • Direct deposit administration
  • Record of Employment (ROEs)
  • Workers compensation filings
  • T4 or T5018 preparation
  • Cheque writing
  • Federal and provincial tax filings

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