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For years, Talbot & Associates had a dream to provide business clients with a passionate and experienced marketing team to compliment the other business consultation and accounting services it already offered.   In 2017, T&A launched its Marketing Services Department to help companies and organizations effectively brand and promote themselves.

Our Philosophy on Marketing

True to T&A fashion, our Marketing Services Team comes at things differently than some others out there. In a nutshell, our Marketing Services department helps companies determine who they really are, how to live that out authentically and best communicate it to the people who care.

Many people knock on our door and want us to come up with 100 ideas to get new business in the door.  Our answer to that request is “yes, we can do that, but…let’s back up the train first”.

You see, we care about every dollar you spend.  So, before you go ahead and blow a wad of cash trying to promote yourself, we come alongside you to make sure that your brand is well-established, aligned with your goals and developed in a way that truly depicts the authentic pulse of who your company/organization is.   That, matched with ensuring that what’s carried out is in a way that is relevant (answering the question “why should consumers care?”), consistent (is everyone and every initiative saying the same thing?) and compelling (is it grabbing potential consumers in some way or does it feel/look like homework?).


Most importantly, we help you answer the question:

“Are we who we say we are?”

See, we don’t help companies spin the truth.  Because we know it won’t work.


If you own a hot dog company and your hot dogs aren’t so appetizing, we’re not going to help you tell people they’re the best hot dog they’ve ever tasted.  Rather – part of what we do is ensure your customer experience is exactly what you are telling people it is. If that happens to be something you need help developing or revising, we partner with other industry leaders and facilitate making that happen.

After the above, sure then we’ll help develop your marketing plan with 100 amazing ideas (or connect you with a right fit for others to do that for you utilizing the brand we’ve help you create).

Brand Development: Branding happens from the inside out. We facilitate and create a living document that captures and articulates all areas of your company that touch your brand.  This document provides consistency, inspiration and reminds your team who you are, what is in scope and what isn’t before you even press “GO” on promotion. It houses your goals, vision, mission, core values, target market focus, desired customer experience and more. It will become the basis for your brand, team goals, website, staff manuals, partnership or financing proposals, marketing campaigns, recruitment etc. Once you make easy for everyone to understand who you are, what you believe and what you do, the waters don’t get muddied after you begin (which can cost you time and money!). You may have several pieces for this document already, where need be, we help you “re-calibrate” and add in anything that’s missing – including a place to record and capture the “dreams” for the future. We believe in this process because where there is clarity there is strength and momentum.

Brand Identity: Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to re-brand, we can create or revise your logo, positioning statements, imaging, brochures, business cards/stationary, signs, website and social media profiles.

Marketing Plan/Pass the Baton: Who will develop your marketing plan and ensure it is carried out well? If it’s you, we can consult with you monthly – or – we can facilitate matching you with the right marketing professionals including looking after recruiting your own part-time or full-time marketing person.

Partnerships & Networking Services: We connect you to specific partners, groups, associations and opportunities and can assist you/your team on how to speak about and be ambassadors for your company.

Contact a Member of T&A’s Marketing Team:

Remy Dogramaciyan

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