Did you move?


I moved this year, is there anything I need to know to file my taxes?

Congratulations! You may be eligible for some new credits this year as a result of your move.






I just moved into an apartment, do I need to know anything for my taxes?

If you are paying rent to a landlord or management company in Manitoba, you may eligible to claim this on your personal taxes, and receive up to $700 back from the provincial government.

Please note that if you live with a roommate, only one claim can be made per dwelling.


I moved since I last filed my taxes, how do I update my address with CRA?

If you let us know when we prepare your tax return, we can ensure your tax return is filed with your new address. This will update CRA’s database, and all further correspondence will go to your new address.


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Things to consider if you moved this year:

  1. First Time Home Buyers Credit

If you (or your spouse or common-law partner) haven’t owned a house in the last 5 years, you can claim a first-time home buyer’s credit this year!


  1. GST New Housing Rebate

If yes, you may be able to file a GST New Housing Rebate claim to recuperate a portion of the GST you paid back. This application doesn’t need to be filed during tax season, however your tax season meeting with your accountant is an excellent time to discuss this option.


  1. Moving Expenses

If you moved more than 40 km closer to your job, or your school (or if you are self-employed) you may be eligible to claim your moving expenses on your tax return this year or carry them forward to a future year.


  1. Sale of Previous Home

Although you likely aren’t going to have to pay tax on the sale of your home, you do still have to report the sale on your taxes. Failure to report the sale of your principal residence properly can result in significant fees and penalties being assessed.


  1. Property Tax Credit

Make sure you bring in your property tax statement to your meeting with your accountant with tax season. If you aren’t already receiving a credit on your statement, you can apply for it on your personal tax return.

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