Start on a solid base to avoid costly fixes later

If correctly setting up a new bookkeeping software is critical, learning the good practices help you avoid recurring problems.

The importance of proper set up and training cannot be overstated and will pay for itself a hundred times over

If you are setting up a brand-new file with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks often offers a promotion on their website of at least 50% off for the first 3 months,
but when files are created with us, we can offer up to 50% off for 12 months.
After the 12 months the fees will go up to full price and you can switch to our billing to continue to receive savings:

Talbot & Associates – Quickbooks EasyStart: $18/month
Talbot & Associates – Quickbooks Essentials: $35/month
Talbot & Associates – Quickbooks Plus: $45/month

As you can see if you switch over to our billing, your savings after the first year would be roughly 10%. Payroll base and Payroll per employee stays the same.

Compare our price with QuickBooks prices:

To determine the best QuickBooks Online plan you will need for your bookkeeping, consult the table in the QBO website link beside. Keep in mind, that upgrading and downgrading your QBO is easy; some clients will start with the lowest level and then upgrade if needed. For most corporations, Essentials or Plus are the best options.

Software Setup and initial training

We charge a one-time $500 fee to setup your software, this includes one hour of training. The importance of proper set up and training cannot be overstated and will pay for itself a hundred times over

Training can be customized to fit your needs (ex: basic bookkeeping training vs how to pull and review the reports); the session can have as many participants as you like; can be done in person or via video call.

The big pro to training via video is that it can be recorded for future reference.

Tech Support and training – QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks desktop, Adagio, and Sage.

Our Tech Support is provided via phone and via email. Our fee is $125/hour. If there are many questions, and you would like to learn how to correct the issues, you can typically get more value in booking a training session and get your answers in real time and with someone focused on your file.

For a Training session we charge $200, which typically includes approximately 1 hour with client and reasonable prep time and time to send follow up documents promised in session, when applicable.

Either option will result in us billing for value and requesting that you book in advance. 

Software migration

Want to switch your software? We can help you have a smooth migration.

Bookkeeping fees

For bookkeeping services including reviewing bookkeeping completed by yourself, please visit Bookkeeping Services page.

Step 1 with Talbot and Associates

Explain Us what you need assistance on.
You can call us, email us or book an appointment with us.

Step 2 with Talbot and Associates

We explore and tailor solutions to your needs

Step 3 with Talbot and Associates

You choose the solution you prefer and we execute the chosen plan

Enjoy Stress-Free Bookkeeping!

  • Fees will be quoted and agreed upon before doing the work.
  • Timeline will be provided.
  • Remove complexity and explain problem & solution in a way you’ll understand.

Whether you are in the market for a full-service bookkeeper, or simply someone to support your current bookkeeper, allow our experienced team to take all the mundane tasks off your hands, allowing you can focus on doing what you are best.

We offer:

  • Full service monthly, quarterly, or annual bookkeeping services
  • Payroll services (creating pay stubs, Direct deposit, Record of employment (ROEs), Workers compensation filings, T4 or T5018 preparation)
  • GST/PST remitting
  • Registering for GST/PST
  • Tech support (Support setting up and getting started with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks desktop, Adagio, and Sage)

Bookkeeping – Tech Support Team

Sasha Pedneault PCP
Payroll Compliance Practitioner
There are some people you meet that are off the beaten path in the best kind of way. Sasha is one of those people. She’s an old soul with a huge heart who looks like she just stepped off a movie set. She hasn’t told us exactly how she’s related to Mother Teresa – but it’s obvious as she’s so motivated by helping others and could accomplish anything she sets her mind to. After gaining her certificate in Applied Accounting, she joined the T&A team in 2016 and quickly went on to lead the star Bookkeeping Team. She completed her Payroll Compliance Practitioner’s Designation in 2020. Over the last 5 years, she’s made the lives of over 300 clients easier by handling their payroll and payroll related tasks. Outside of T&A time, Sasha considers it a privilege to serve at church. She enjoys romantic films, baking, sports, biking, camping and is a proud mom to her pup, Tika.
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Natalie Dumont
Bookkeeping Manager
Watching Natalie Dumont in action is like taking in a one-woman Cirque Du Soleil show. This firecracker can do anything and does it with style, wowing staff and clients with her precise attention to detail and project management skills. Natalie started her career working as a Health Care Aide. After working at the University of Manitoba, she came to T&A in 2015. Her passion is to help people grow, which is evident in all she does, especially how she pours into the lives of her husband and kids. Natalie is a miner for original music and enjoys board games and exploring new territories on foot. Natalie hopes to travel Canada coast-to-coast one day (but if she plans to do this by foot we’re not letting her go as to not put the firm at risk being without her that long). Fun Fact: Natalie once had a pet bear cub named Trapper.
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Isabella Thiessen
Meet the world’s first adventurous bookkeeper (who slays numbers and wins hearts as she goes). After graduating from Red River College with an Administration Assistant certificate, Isabella became a licensed life agent in the financial industry. Her passions include experiencing wonder through nature and finding ways to positively impact the world around her. If you want to see this girl in action, head south of Winnipeg to our Saint Norbert office where Isabella will be holding negativity prisoner with smarts and shining optimism.
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Rebecca Khun
Passionate about environmental stewardship, Rebecca thrives on empowering people and serving her community. She lives life with the personal mantra that strength lies in differences, not similarities, and believes in taking the time to enjoy the beauty all around us. Graduating in 2018 from Providence University College, she holds a degree in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). Rebecca’s two greatest loves are culinary adventures and nature. When she’s not enjoying music or cooking, she can be found hiking or just immersing herself in nature and exploring new places.
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Janine Ramos
Janine believes that every day is an opportunity to do better, to grow and learn, to hope and to help others. Detail-oriented, she is passionate about everything she does and can even be restless if something is wrong with a situation, if the house is messy or, if something is missing – even if it’s small. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy, QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, 16+ years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping including 5 years in auditing, she is more than equipped to help her clients. Supporting and serving at Truth and Life Worship Centre, she and her husband aim to live in grace and give glory to God in everything they are called to do.
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Software Installation And Setup Team

Avinesh Dasari
IT Manager
We’re a smart bunch here at Talbot, but one thing we can’t seem to wrap our heads around is how we landed the most incredible IT Manager in existence. Avi joined Team Talbot in 2016. He originates from India where he gained his four years of IT and Networking Experience. He brings with his degrees in Technology, Electronics & Communications Engineering, and Post Graduate Diplomas in Enterprise Project Management and Network & Computer Technology (both obtained in Canada). When Avi isn’t intercepting a flying computer headed for the window, you can find him making a name for himself on the volleyball court or baseball field. Avi’s approach to life revolves around gratitude. He is thankful for each new day and the opportunity to help others.
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Rich Jolicoeur
Rich often wonders why people stare at him like he has eight heads. It could be (a) his wild stories about what he blew up in his garage microwave, (b) the rapid speed in which fires back email responses or (c) that they are literally staring at all the hats he wears at the firm. Rich has been a significant part of the T&A family since 2011. He’s held positions as the IT Manager and supports the Ag Team and overall tax file preparation. He is a quick study and is constantly striving to improve himself in some way each day. In his downtime he enjoys wood working, a good book or head banging to Abba.
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