Delegate your bookkeeping and spend your time doing
something you actually want to be doing!

Whether you are in the market for a full-service bookkeeper, or simply someone to support your current bookkeeper, allow our experienced team to take all the mundane tasks off your hands, allowing you can focus on doing what you are best.

Maintaining proper records takes time and effort.

Bookkeeping is an essential step in the accounting cycle, and the users of this information are expecting a level accuracy.
You need proper figures to make important decisions, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires it to support the figures reported at the end of year, investors need to be able to trust the financial information, etc. 

So many potential costs and missed opportunities when a business’ bookkeeping is poorly kept.

Natalie Dumont

Save yourself the stress and meet your new bookkeeping team leader:

Natalie Dumont

Watching Natalie in action is like taking in a one-woman Cirque Du Soleil show.  This firecracker can do anything and does it with style, wowing staff and clients with her precise attention to detail and project management skills.

Natalie started her career working as a Health Care Aide.  After working at the University of Manitoba, she came to T&A in 2015.  Her passion is to help people grow, which is evident in all she does, especially how she pours into the lives of her husband and kids.

Natalie is a miner for original music and enjoys board games and exploring new territories on foot. Natalie hopes to travel Canada coast-to-coast one day (but if she plans to do this by foot we’re not letting her go as to not put the firm at risk being without her that long). Fun Fact: Natalie once had a pet bear cub named Trapper.

Lesli Burke

The staff has always gone above and beyond for us, both personally and for our business needs.
Have referred more than one friend and we will keep going back!
Thank you Talbot and Assoc!

Sherry Franche

I have been with Talbot & Associates since 2012. I made a mess of my books. They took over, empathetic towards my anxiety, they quickly got everything up to date. They work as an excellent team. I always feel like I’m the only client! Excellent firm!

Lise Bale

Great service! They take care of all our needs for our small business.

jesse gardiner

Brittany and her team at Talbot are amazing! they have been helping us with bookkeeping and accounting for a few years and have always been so easy to deal with.

james copping

Very professional firm and are always willing to go the extra mile! They take care of my business accounting and payroll needs, leaving me time and peace of mind to carry forward with business.

How we can help you

We’re a teaching firm. We enjoy sharing our knowledge with our clients and helping new people interested in accounting grow in this field. When we prepare a file in house the information is collected, compiled and prepared by a junior team member, a senior member reviews the work and provides correction. This helps understand our services.

Our services are designed to be customized to you, this is why we’d like to meet you, learn from you what’s going on to where you need to be.

Bookkeeping Services

We offer the full cycle explained above, on occasion we alter the format depending on the needs of your business.
This process starts by completing our questionnaire or by booking an appointment with us.

File review

You become the junior and use our seniors for review. After you have completed a period of bookkeeping, we can review your bookkeeping for $250. This includes a review of your Trial Balance and General Ledger.
When applicable, we follow-up with a summary of questions and concerns and direction on how to improve the entries. Please note that if nothing is found when reviewing, the fee still applies.
Should this review require a larger degree of responsibility and level of competence we may need to charge additionally. Also, if you require assistance clearing our review notes our technical support and training fees would apply.

Troubleshooting and Advanced training

Want to change software? We can help you make the migration as peaceful as possible

Entrepreneur with a New business? Just getting started?

If you have question like:

  • Where to get a GST number?
  • Do I need a PST number?
  • Do I need a Lawyer?
  • When do I file and what do I file?
  • Should Incorporate?
  • What software to buy and how to setup it up?
  • How to correctly use a bookkeeping software?
  • Etc.

Please visit our Entrepreneur page.

Step 1 with Talbot and Associates

You meet with us to complete the initial questionnaire
No charge for initial assessment, typically takes 20-60 minutes to get through

Step 2 with Talbot and Associates

Based on information gathered, we prepare a proposal of services and issue an engagement letter for your consideration

Step 3 with Talbot and Associates

Once the proposal is accepted, an onboarding meeting is scheduled to work through the details and ensure expectations are clearly outlined

Enjoy Stress-Free Bookkeeping!

  • Fees will be quoted and agreed upon before doing the work.
  • Timeline will be provided.
  • Remove complexity and explain problem & solution in a way you’ll understand.

We offer:

  • Full service monthly, quarterly, or annual bookkeeping services
  • Payroll services (creating pay stubs, Direct deposit, Record of employment (ROEs), Workers compensation filings, T4 or T5018 preparation)
  • GST/PST remitting
  • Registering for GST/PST
  • Tech support with troubleshooting, setting up and getting started with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks desktop, Adagio, and Sage. We’re always open to helping with other obscure softwares, we just don’t have as much experience with them (ex: Wave, Xero, etc.)

Bookkeeping - Team Members

Natalie Dumont
Bookkeeping Manager
Watching Natalie Dumont in action is like taking in a one-woman Cirque Du Soleil show. This firecracker can do anything and does it with style, wowing staff and clients with her precise attention to detail and project management skills. Natalie started her career working as a Health Care Aide. After working at the University of Manitoba, she came to T&A in 2015. Her passion is to help people grow, which is evident in all she does, especially how she pours into the lives of her husband and kids. Natalie is a miner for original music and enjoys board games and exploring new territories on foot. Natalie hopes to travel Canada coast-to-coast one day (but if she plans to do this by foot we’re not letting her go as to not put the firm at risk being without her that long). Fun Fact: Natalie once had a pet bear cub named Trapper.
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Sasha Pedneault PCP
Payroll Compliance Practitioner
There are some people you meet that are off the beaten path in the best kind of way. Sasha is one of those people. She’s an old soul with a huge heart who looks like she just stepped off a movie set. She hasn’t told us exactly how she’s related to Mother Teresa – but it’s obvious as she’s so motivated by helping others and could accomplish anything she sets her mind to. After gaining her certificate in Applied Accounting, she joined the T&A team in 2016 and quickly went on to lead the star Bookkeeping Team. She completed her Payroll Compliance Practitioner’s Designation in 2020. Over the last 5 years, she’s made the lives of over 300 clients easier by handling their payroll and payroll related tasks. Outside of T&A time, Sasha considers it a privilege to serve at church. She enjoys romantic films, baking, sports, biking, camping and is a proud mom to her pup, Tika.
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Brianna Lock
Brianna thrives on helping others succeed in what they’re good at, by doing what she’s good at. Whether it’s taking bookkeeping off client’s plates or tutoring adults and children with disabilities, she truly enjoys giving that one-on-one attention to people who just might need a little extra help. With a knack for numbers and record keeping, she also enjoys music and has a background in band and jazz band playing the flute, piccolo, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, and piano. Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an Accounting major, she’s spent eight full summers working at a summer camp for both kids and adults with disabilities as a ropes instructor (climbing wall, zip line, etc) and a Summer Program Director. She is involved with her church, helping with kids’ ministries and organizing a young adults Bible study.
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Ellen Zibert

Calm and supportive, Ellen is the kind of person who might like to stay in the background but she loves to help others in any way she can. That’s why her favorite part of being a bookkeeper is doing data entries and knowing that she takes the worries off of our clients’ shoulders. When Ellen isn’t working, she loves doing scrapbooks, playing board games, doing puzzles, and listening to music and singing along even if it’s a bit off tune!
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Isabella Thiessen
Meet the world’s first adventurous bookkeeper (who slays numbers and wins hearts as she goes). After graduating from Red River College with an Administration Assistant certificate, Isabella became a licensed life agent in the financial industry. Her passions include experiencing wonder through nature and finding ways to positively impact the world around her. If you want to see this girl in action, head southeast of Winnipeg to our Steinbach office where Isabella will be holding negativity prisoner with smarts and shining optimism.
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Janine Ramos
Janine believes that every day is an opportunity to do better, to grow and learn, to hope and to help others. Detail-oriented, she is passionate about everything she does and can even be restless if something is wrong with a situation, if the house is messy or, if something is missing – even if it’s small. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy, QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, 16+ years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping including 5 years in auditing, she is more than equipped to help her clients. Supporting and serving at Truth and Life Worship Centre, she and her husband aim to live in grace and give glory to God in everything they are called to do.
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Kalyn Weibel

Kalyn loves helping people and providing clients with the most value she can. Conscientious and diligent, Kalyn loves helping her clients with their bookkeeping and payroll but what is what she particularly enjoys is to train them. Once her clients understand the software better and see the value in the information Kalyn provides them, that’s when her satisfaction is at its maximum.
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Katrina Fast

Katrina believes continuing to learn, challenge her current mindset, and seek out wisdom from those around her is all part of our lifelong growth. Having completed her QuickBooks Online and Desktop Certification, you can find her hard at work in her current field of focus. At the age of 3, she took her first ballet class and discovered her passion, going on to study full time at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Professional Division at the age of 12. Part of a small group of 10 girls from around the world, she trained in classical Russian Technique and learned discipline, strong work ethic, and a deep love and respect for the art form. Today, you can find her hiking, puzzling, brushing up on her calligraphy skills, or in the kitchen with a glass of red wine trying a new recipe with her beloved cat Pippa.
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Kiera Coish
Passionate about music, Kiera believes there is so much it brings to the world and to us as individuals. Born to musical parents, she has had a keen interest in singing and playing the piano since the age of 4 and even wrote a song titled "Adieu to Sweet Churchtown" based on a poem her Great-great-great grandfather wrote when he immigrated to Canada from Ireland. Graduating with Honours in Applied Accounting from Red River, she also holds a Diploma of Performing Arts from the Canadian College of Performing Arts and a Diploma in Music from Camosun College. One day she dreams of travelling back to Japan for another family trip- but preferably in spring, when it isn’t so hot. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle/Durant
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Khushwant Dhillon
Fluent in three languages able to understand many dialects, Khushwant is one smart cookie. He’s passionate about giving back to the community and being a part of something bigger than himself, volunteering his free time at the Ashern Fire Department as a Volunteer Firefighter. A graduate of Red River College, Winnipeg, he holds his certificate in Applied Accounting. When he’s not fighting fires and saving the day in your taxes and accounting, he can be found chasing exhilaration in target-shooting and horseback riding. One day, Khushwant dreams of having his own hunting cabin.
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Lisa Monkman

An avid cook, Lisa knows good plates require precision and effort- and the same goes for bookkeeping! She believes living life to the fullest is all about working hard for what you want while remaining kind and loving to others along the way, which is why she always works hard to help clients and team members. When she isn’t working, you can find Lisa gardening, cooking, baking or tending to her dogs, cats, cattle, pigs, roosters, ducks, and laying hens.
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Morgan Lappage

Morgan may be short, but she has a huge heart. After graduating from Red River College in 2019 from Business Administration with a Marketing major, her first two jobs were at a pharmacy and a Clinic. She then decided to go a step further to take care of your health and wealth making sure you don’t pay more tax than you should. Outside of the office, you can find Morgan supporting Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Awareness or travelling and exploring new things to create memories.
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Nathalie Siemens
Don’t ask her what she thinks if you really don’t want to know. Her genuine nature is just one of the things we love about this girl. Nathalie is Steinbach’s pro bookkeeper, bringing over a decade of experience in the financial industry including experience as a business owner-operator. Off-hours, Nathalie enjoys gardening, canning vegetables, and spending time with her family. When her head isn’t crunching numbers its thinking about her next travelling destination (next stop, the Caribbean). Fun fact: Nathalie can touch her nose with her tongue (a very useful skill).
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Rebecca Khun
Passionate about environmental stewardship, Rebecca thrives on empowering people and serving her community. She lives life with the personal mantra that strength lies in differences, not similarities, and believes in taking the time to enjoy the beauty all around us. Graduating in 2018 from Providence University College, she holds a degree in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). Rebecca’s two greatest loves are culinary adventures and nature. When she’s not enjoying music or cooking, she can be found hiking or just immersing herself in nature and exploring new places.
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Sadia Hayi

A keen learner and time management oriented, Sadia is a great new addition to the bookkeeping team. She puts as much dedication into her professional life as her personal life, her passion being working with a small charity group for the underprivileged. When she is not working, Sadia enjoys baking.
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Samantha Campbell
Whether it’s on the beach or at a bonfire, you’ll find Samantha soaking up life to the fullest. A long-time volunteer for the Woodlands Wildlife Federation and part of a hockey team for nearly a decade and a half, she believes in giving back to the community. A graduate of the Asper School of Business, she holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) with a major in accounting. Having already completed all of her CPA prerequisites, she plans to pursue the CPA program after gaining more work experience. Passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, Samantha dreams of spending her winters somewhere hot and having a big property where rescue dogs can play on one day. The people she most admires in life are her parents and their dedicated work ethic and infallible ability to always make things work out.
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Sheri Melsted
Previously with EPR for 6 years, Sheri holds a business degree from Red River College and has been working at Adesa Auctions for the past 22 years. Family is a large part of her life and the reason she wakes up every morning. Sheri has two beautiful daughters who are both in university and play sports. As a proud mother, she rarely misses their games. She also has a wonderful husband whom she loves and a “fur baby” named Bella. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, sitting around the campfire with her family and friends, and travelling. Sheri is also a Winnipeg Jets and Blue Bombers devoted fan. As a change of pace from her sport-filled lifestyle, Sheri joined the committee for the JDFR Starry Starry Night Gala, a fundraising event in support of finding a cure for type one diabetes. This is an issue close to her heart, as her oldest daughter has type one diabetes.
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Soren Lock
Soren wakes up each morning with the idea that each day is a gift and a new challenge, knowing that the challenging days make the good days that much sweeter. Passionate about seeing people improve and achieve excellence, his personal mantra is to be ‘always improving.’ In his history of officiating over 450 games in three sports, he has never raised his voice toward a player, coach, or fellow official and is proud to be discovering the fine line between calm and assertive. He plans to graduate from CMU with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, with a major in accounting, in early 2022. For over half a decade, he has been involved with True North Helping Hands, an organization that builds and maintains school buildings for the indigenous children of Baja California, Mexico. Over the four trips he’s taken to Mexico to help with builds, he’s made friends from across Canada and the U.S., learned to appreciate an afternoon siesta, and even learned to speak some “playground Spanish”. In July of 2019, he was an on-field official at the U18 Flag Football National Championship and worked 23 games over three days, including both the men’s and women’s finals, and cites the experience as one he will cherish.
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Tammy Graham
If you’d like a good dose of warm care and want to brush up on your accounting savvy, pop into T&A’s Birtle office and ask for Tammy Graham, she’s sure to deliver (but if you live there, you already know this because Tammy knows everyone in the area). Tammy brings over 20 years of accounting experience to her role. She is passionate about helping others and developing strong relationships. Always ready to lend a helping hand, Tammy often volunteers for a variety of community projects like donating food to her church or work with the ag society. Her happy place is with her family who she aims to spend as much time as possible.
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Tyler Williment
Dedicated to whatever he puts his mind to, Tyler is a self-starter who begins each 7 am morning with toast and Nutella. While he enjoys watching a great deal of sports, his personal favorite being hockey, he does believe soccer is ‘criminally underrated’ and particularly enjoys the lack of commercials and the great fan culture around the sport. Between attending the University of Manitoba and previous summer retail jobs, he focused his professional studies in Economics. His personal studies turned toward teaching himself Japanese and his biggest regret is not speaking the language nearly enough. He cites the process of learning like ‘reading a book on how to build a log cabin from the ground up before ever picking up a hammer’. In his free time, he enjoys watching YouTube and playing video games on PC and Nintendo. A fan of the Mega Man Battle Network games on GBA, he enjoys all sorts of games depending on his mood. One day he wants to go on vacation to another country that doesn’t primarily speak English, with his top pick being a vacation to Japan. He most admires his mom for being one of the hardest working people he knows.
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