Mission Statement & Core values

Why we exist

At Talbot & Associates, we believe in caring for and doing all we can to contribute to the success of others.  We provide an environment where each team member’s individual talents are recognized as a valuable contribution. Our goal is to help our staff become better versions of themselves, which will ultimately benefit the whole team.  We attract team members who – with all their glorious differences – have a joint passion to serve our clients and care for one another both personally and professionally. When asked why we exist – we respond with our mission statement:

“Talbot & Associates exists to give our clients true peace of mind and our team members the opportunity to live their dreams (and have fun doing it!).”

Our Culture

The T&A culture is propelled by a desire to help all people connected to the firm grow and succeed.  Our beliefs stimulate our culture, which is steeped in these core values (we know the rule of thumb is to have a short list of core values, but we just can’t seem to remove any from this list!):

Appreciation – We value individual efforts and go out of our way to show it.

Celebration – Celebrating milestones and accomplishments is in our DNA.

 Community Support – We give back.


Diversity – Each one’s different strengths, talents and abilities play a necessary role.  We hire the right person for the job and let them do it.


Efficiency – We see time as currency.  We believe in making the most of our time both personally and professionally.

Excellence – We strive to to do our best given our time, resources and circumstances.

Flexibility – Flexibility breeds freedom. We promote time for family and personal well being while ensuring the sustainability of the firm.

Fun – Lighten up or be tickled. We believe in fun.  In everything we do.

Integrity – Doing the right thing all the time = non-negotiable.

Passion – Like Braveheart in the heat of battle – you should love what you do. (“Freedom!”)

Personal Development – From mentorship to teaching the old dog new tricks – our house is one that thrives on curiosity and learning.

Praise & Correction – We believe in public praise and private correction.

Self-Employed Mentality – We all act like we own the place and take pride in all matters of the firm.

Respect – We are considerate of others with our words, actions and time.

Thoughtfulness  – Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.  We put caring for our team members before committing to initiatives.  We will ensure big decisions are well thought out  and the plan is communicated before acting.

Wellness  – We believe in a whole wellness approach, that is: spiritually, physically, relationally, professionally and financially.

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