Gerald Hastings

Gerald Hastings BBA

Gerald started with Talbot & Associates in March 2015. As father of two, Gerald enjoys nothing more than spending time with his two kids, Jered & Dulcie, and with their mother, Audrey. Gerald started his accounting studies with a 2-year diploma in Business Administration from UCN. He then transferred to the University of Winnipeg where he graduated in April 2015, receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), specializing in accounting.
Gerald joined Talbot & Associates in April, 2015, during the midst of the tax season. Abiding by the sink or swim mantra, Gerald was thrust head first into the madness known as tax season, from which he took a long time to emerge from. Gaining knowledge on a daily basis, Gerald looks forward to the continued learning experience this position offers. Gerald is really excited to be part of this strong organization, which he can see was built from the amazing personnel within.
With a university degree now accomplished, Gerald will now turn his focus to joining the CPA program and pursue his dreams of becoming a certified accountant. He knows that he can count on his co-workers for support in pursuing this goal because that, as he is well aware of now, is the Talbot & Associates way.



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