Edna Friesen Wiebe

Edna Friesen Wiebe B. Comm. (Hons.)

If your looking for your next champion, coach and cheerleader, your search is over. Her name is Edna Friesen Wiebe and she already cares about you before you explain why she should.

Alongside being an incredible mom and mentor, Edna is also a certified personal finance coach who specializes in debt recovery and building wealth.  With her over 18 years of experience in the accounting, bookkeeping and client organization fields, Edna has contributed to Talbot & Associates success in various capacities for over a decade. She has vast industry experience in private enterprise, non-profit organizations, and small business entrepreneurship.

Edna is a miner for opportunities to learn, grow and challenge herself so she may impart that wisdom on others.  She encourages clients to get in touch with the helium balloon – that is to look at things from a higher, different perspective (as its much nicer from up there!). Whether she’s delivering an engaging seminar or raising up future leaders – she does it all with her signature Edna laugh which is both contagious and healing. Having sat on several boards including parent council, Edna hopes to devote more time in the future to empowering female entrepreneurs with all she’s learned.

Life Quote: “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Why I love Talbot & Associates: “The environment not only allows me to work within tremendous freedom to do what I do best, but strengthen the ability to learn and grow the team and service clients to their delight.”


B. Comm. (Hons.)

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