Chantal Lagassé

Chantal Lagassé

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Drive down to the intersection of quirky and hilarious and there you’ll find T&A’s superstar, Chantal Lagassé. Chantal graduated with a Business Administration Diploma from the Université de Saint-Boniface and worked for the Seine River School Division administration before deciding to shake things up at Talbot in early 2017. She thrives on connecting people, ideas and opportunities.  She’s dynamic and passionate individual with strong creative and exceptional presentation abilities and excellent social and interpersonal skills. Outside of work, Chantal enjoys baseball. When’s she’s not playing baseball, she’s thinking about baseball.  When she’s not thinking about baseball, she’s having her nails painted like mini-baseballs (true story!). Then, when her family is trying to take her mind off baseball, they remind her how much she also loves curling, camping and hanging out with them.  Oh, Chantal also wants you to know that if she happens to be near a karaoke mic, you better believe she will belt out the best damn rendition of the Counting Crows track, “Mr. Jones & Me” you’ve ever heard.

Life Quote: “I like people that enjoy life because I do the same” – Lil’ Wayne

Why I love Talbot & Associates: “T&A staff work together and get things done especially during T1 season.”



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